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Project Start – December 2014          Project Completion Date – April 2015

This project involved the expansion of 4,500 m2 to the existing factory to facilitate the installation of a new post fabrication shot blasting machine and an automated plate line machine.

Ariel photo 2015work in progress

Capital initiatives in our company expansion were co-funded by the European Regional Development fund & Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midlands & West Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Post Fab Shot Blasting Machine

Post Fabrication Shot Blasting:

KSSL has incorporated a post fabrication shot blasting into its manufacturing process through the installation of a new Kaltenbach Triathlon A3010HD shot blaster which has the passage range of 3100mm x 1700mm. Powered by 10 no. 22KW turbines. This machine can adequately shot blast complete fabricated & welded steel sections, including steel trusses.

Plate Line

New Automated Plate Line:

KSSL has incorporated a Peddinghaus HSFDB 2500 automated plate line into its manufacturing process. This machine is equipped with the ability to drill, mill, tap, countersink, deburr, Oxy-fuel cut, Plasma cut and mark steel plate using the latest tooling technology which combines speed and versatility. The automated plate line provides the most efficient & quickest way possible to manufacture steel plate elements varying from 6mm to 100mm in thickness to the highest quality with minimum waste.

Investment Result:

Project Investment gives KSSL:

  • Greater overall annual output capacity & increased speed of production
  • A better quality standard of finished product for our clients
  • Scope to compete for larger projects with higher client quality & tighter programme requirements