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Capital initiatives in our operational excellence and fixed assets project were co-funded by the European Regional Development fund & Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midlands & West Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Kiernan Steel over its life span of over 30 years has experienced continued growth and expansion of its manufacturing facilities. During this time through continued capital reinvestment in the business, Kiernan Steel has a state-of-the-art steel manufacturing plant. Over the past number of years there has been incremental changes to the facility, through the installation of additional new plant, upgrade of existing machinery and introduction of new technology.

kiernan steel workshop

The overall aim of this project is to consolidate these changes and to realign the production flow of the facility to maximise its potential. The following are the objectives of the project

  • Revise current layout of factory machinery
  • Utilise existing machinery in a more efficient manner and introduce new machinery in two pivotal processes
  • Introduce real time production tracking
  • Frontline Staff training
  • Utilise technology
  • Right first-time approach

This project has successful increased production output by 30%, the overall flow of materials through the production process has improved. The utilisation of the latest technology in the form of a new high-speed drilling line and plate line has expedited this element of processing.

Real time production information is now readily available, and this has greatly improved production and project planning and forecasting.